The fabulous work above was painted by long time artist and friend, Liz LaValley.  I first met Liz in 2006, while she was working as a maintenance officer on the U-2 in our Middle Eastern base.  Since then, she married a fellow U-2 pilot, had 3 boys, was stationed from Indonesia to Germany, continued to serve as a reserve officer, and still manages to find the time to paint.

A few months before my retirement, Liz approached me about making a painting from one of my Northern Light photos.  Through several Facetime chats between California and her home in Berlin, we worked through the details and she shared her progress.  The completed painting is signed by both of us and is the only such painting you will find like that.

This original painting collaboration is available for purchase which includes all shipping and handling for:


Dimensions:  24" x 30" Acrylic on canvas, ready to hang

Please contact me directly with an offer:

Please check out some of Liz's work.  She is also open to the commissioning of future works.

Liz LaValley Art